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H-Street guest artist Bob Hickman from Puppet Skates in Ohio has done a few graphics for H-Street and earlier in the year, Bob talked with T-Mag to see if he could do a guest art version of Matt’s really classic graphic, the legendary Stained Glass, to help celebrate 30 years of H-Street. Matt agreed to the project so Bob and T-Mag set to work on a very unique piece of art, with Bob doing the all the original art and T-Mag doing all the coloring and production work on this rather classic guest art version.

We’re making this on the Full Size Mini shape that Matt and his buddy Ned Hadden from Assault Skates designed when we re-issued the classic Hensley Mini graphic, so that there’d be a more skateable version of that deck. This shape is rather reminiscent of the original idea of having a streamlined double  tail street deck that Matt and T-Mag worked on back in the day.

The Full Size Mini shape is perfect for modern/retro skating in parks or street and makes a good collector item too.

You can pre-order now and your card will not be charged until we actually ship the deck, expected around December. Pre-ordering will really help us coordinate production and we’re also offering free griptape and a price of 69.00, which is less than when the deck is actually available in the store. Email us at intel@h-street.com if you have any questions regarding this.

32.5 X 8.9 / NOSE 6.8 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 14.75