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The Cosmic Carbonite 4-Ply Hybrid deck are light, strong and they have the ultimate pop! They are the next generation in T-Mag’s incessant hunt for the best and lightest deck ever.

We have heard stories that in the far off land of Finland, there’s a guy making some seriously hi-tech Carbon decks, and we can attest this is not some Nordic fairly tale.

Napalm Customs make the 4-Ply deck, loaded with the finest Carbon Fiber, along with a structural epoxy and of course, North America Hard Rock Maple.

While the 4-Plys are in fact stiff enough for T-Mag to blast some serious airs on, we are finding that the top girls are appreciating and benefiting from the lighter weights and additional performance, in both flex and pop that these remarkable decks deliver.The pop is downright magical!

These 4-Ply decks include a wear and impact resistant insert on both nose and tail to increase the life of these boards. They make this skateboard much more durable than any standard or fiber reinforced deck in the market. Wear resistant inserts are made from specially treated engineering compounded, which is one of the most wear and impact resistant compounds ever developed.

In addition, they feature a slick bottom material with graphics that are printed into the surface.

Naturally the 4-ply deck wears over time and wood behaves as wood does when it takes impact.  Nothing is unbreakable, especially given the harshness of skateboarding. The main advantage of this 4-ply deck is the way it feels! When you ride it you will never want to go back to all wooden 7-plys.


  • Wear resistant inserts on nose and tail
  • 4 Ply’s of Premium North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Glass Fiber layers
  • Cosmic Carbon Fiber Layers
  • Slick Bottom Printed Graphics
  • Handmade in Finland.


The Park&Pool Shape is 32.8 X 8.5, with a 15 Wheelbase, 6.8 Nose and 6.75 Tail. It also comes in standard Street Shapes.