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Per Viking was born in 1964 and tragically passed way too young in 1997. In 2024, the Skateboarding Hall of Fame had the good sense to induct him into this legendary crew of rippers that left a mark and shaped skateboarding in significant ways.

Per Viking was the only European skateboarder to ever grace the cover of the legendary and original, Skateboarder Magazine. This was much thanks to Jim Cassimus, one of their staff photog’s that visited New Sport House in Sweden in the late 70’s.

Per Viking and Tony Mag met in Stockholm, Sweden in 1974, when skateboarding was just exploding in Sweden and cultural changes in music, art and attitude was all over the capital city, eventually producing one of the most artistic, progressive and prolific skateparks of all time, New Sport House.

This was home turf to the two rippers, where they both competed, hung out and was part of the legendary New Sport Team.

Per Viking’s influence on H-Street founder Tony Mag is almost indescribably vast. They were best friends, fierce competitors and in general brothers-in-arms. T-Mag is convinced he would have never stuck with skateboarding or learned the chops required to travel halfway around the world and compete with the best skaters in the world. His perspective is that after having battled it out with Per Viking, nothing or nobody else was gonna be all that tough.

Who knows if this is true or how it would have happened, but this is the way it did happen. Since we started to promote Per Viking’s memory in 2023 with the Viking Series of decks and art, we couldn’t be more stoked on his induction in the SHOF.

The decks are made here in California and feature a photo collage of the best and most relevant photos we could find of the legendary Swedish ripper. It was all laid out and designed by Tony Mag, so highly personal to him.

The specs are 32.3 X 9, with a 15 WB, 7 Nose and 6.6 Tail.

It also comes with a T-Shirt and an 8 X 10 collectible printed photo card and a modified New Sport House Logo Decal, printed on high quality 80's style Decal material.