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Back in the 80’s, when Francesco was turning out graphics left and right, he and T-Mag decided to re-draw his original Tragi-Comedy masks that Mag used for his very first UWS graphic, which was also later updated.

Francesco included the Serpent and also made a one of cooler top graphic logos, putting the Cross, The Serpent and the Joker in a paradoxical situation, all in good keeping with the philosophical meaning of the masks, which has endured centuries of use.

Back in the 80’s, calling a deck “Team Model” didn’t really have meaning but the deck and graphic was known as such. The top graphic does say “Magnusson Designs”, which is what H-Street was called before it was H-Street. Mag didn’t like it and couldn’t wait to get rid of it, hence why there’s very few of those decks around. But some of the OG H-Street decks carried that name during a short transition period.

It was also the time of crazy shapes, so we designed this deck to include some of the features but Mag updated it a bit to fit modern Park&Pool skating.

The Original Shape is 33 X 9, with a 7 Nose, 6.75 Tail and a 15 Wheelbase and is on various colored veneers. The image is an example only of the color of wood.

The Park&Pool Shape is 32.8 X 8.5, with a 6.8 Nose, 6.75 Tail and a 15 Wheelbase.