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Tony Mag’s “Going To Hell” graphic was designed by H-Street OG artist Francesco Jekill Albertini in the late 80’s, and it might have been the last graphic he did for T-Mag back in the day.

It was inspired by T-Mag’s original Hell Concave design he made infamous in the mid 80, before H-Street was even born. While he was working on his new mold idea at the UWS factory around ‘84, the guys at the shop thought the thing looked crazy and essentially, unskateable. As a fun prank, they left a note on Mag’s work late one night that just said “Hell Concave”. T-Mag thought the joke was funny and also thought they may be onto something and just adopted the moniker for his new Concave design that would create some controversy; it seemed everyone had an opinion. Some people loved it and swore by it, others not so much.

Later, Mike Ternasky came up with this T-Shirt design that was a play off this 80’s British pop dude “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” and we made the also rather infamous T-Shirt design that said “Tony Says Go To Hell”, with the word “concave” real small below that text.

So Francesco made a graphic, showing what that trip might look like. This was one of the toughest re-draw’s that T-Mag did, it was in the works for a few years. Francesco got in on the re-creation of the graphics from Italy, where he’s from and currently lives.

It’s available in a wheel wheeled shape that measures 31.75 X 9.75, with a 14.1 Wheelbase, a 6.5 Nose and a 6.9 Tail.

It's also made in T-Mag's original shape that is 33 X 9.75, with a 16 Wheelbase, a 6 Nose and a 6.75 Tail.