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Tony Mag’s Backside Air at Cedar Crest is rather legendary around here. It took place in the late 80’s at the rather notorious Cedar Crest Country Club ramp that was built like a house, complete with a concrete foundation and Steel Surface.

The High Flying Swede could not have been more stoked on the incredible speed that was available at the world class ramp. T-Mag was there with local ripper Micro, after one of the epic and huge Virginia Beach contests. The two drove up to the DC area and spent a few days there. The world record setting air was totally unplanned and the fact that the perfect photo just happened to be taken by local photog B. Adams was definitely not planned.

T-Mag didn’t even find out the photo existed until it appeared on the cover of the local Zine Lapper Mag!

Back in the 80’s, Francesco decided to draw a illustration of this classic air for a T-Shirt, which we re-issued many years later as a Tee and a board graphic.

In 2023, Mag was talking to Tim Baron about re-doing the graphic in his “Spirits of H-Street” style of art but changing the camera angle and perspective to one which does not exist. This required a good amount of brain storming and plenty of drafts and imagination.

In a way unrelated to the insane skating that took place on this faithful trip to Cedar Crest, it was the closest that Tony came to dying and has referred to his crazy backside air as “Dead Man Flying”, hence the skeleton graphic design.

The board is made on one of his classic 80’s retro shape with a New School hole pattern.

L 33.5 / W 9.5 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 15.75