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We would like to congratulate our founder, Tony Mag on his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Class of 2024, along with his greatest inspiration, Swedish ripper per Viking.

To commemorate the special occasion, we made some Special Editions decks, T-Shirts and Decals. The decks are limited and numbered and made here in California and feature a photo collage of the legendary Swedish ripper.

Here’s how T-Mag recalls his humble and distant beginnings:

“Skateboarding didn’t exist in the early 70’s when I was 10-12. Then like magic, it appeared out of nowhere in 1976 when I was 13. I was hooked for life just about instantly.

The proposition that I’d spend my whole life riding one, moving to California and travel the whole world with one, was completely unthinkable, improbable and just not even a thought of possibility.

But I would be blessed by the fact that these two dudes built New Sport House, one of the coolest and most progressive indoor skateparks I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world. Then there was Per Viking, who mainly seemed like a curse and definitely a total pain in the ass!

Per unleashed so much energy in positive and negative ways, and every other way for that matter, it was impossible to not get sucked in.

It was clear that a choice had to be hate this guy or embrace him. I did a little of both, not knowing then that the choice I really made was to love this guy. And all his antics. And get soaked in his voraciousness and primal vortex of energy, competitiveness, all in your face of taunts and talent beyond anything I had really experienced, even since then.

It’s an honor of a lifetime to receive this award and to once again share fate and history forever with Per Viking! The rest of my skate career is mostly known to most and having spent a lifetime rolling around on one of these decks has been a divine blessing beyond measure.”

The decks are limited and numbered and made here in California and feature a photo collage of the best and most relevant photos we could find of the legendary Swedish ripper.

The specs are 32.3 X 9, with a 15 WB, 7 Nose and 6.6 Tail.

It also comes with a T-Shirt and an 8 X 10 collectible printed photo card and a modified New Sport House Logo Decal, printed on high quality 80's style Decal material.