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Bob Hickman did a re-draw a while back, of Tony Mag’s very first graphic from 1983 of the Tragicomedy Masks.

Once Bob learned that T-Mag got in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, he convinced Mag that it needs to be his Hall of Fame Graphic.  Mag agreed so he and Bob set to work on sorting out the details, colorways and other production issues.

The Swedish ripper made his own graphic back in the early 80’s of these faces and here he is, working on the faces again 40 years later. Mag did say he plans on making this his last graphic ever, other than re-issues. Perhaps that’ll hold true.

Because the SHoF is a “once-in-a-lifetime” event in history, we decided to make these the most custom, handmade silk-screened decks that Screaming Squeegees can handle, with Metallic inks, Florescent inks, handmade color fades and their totally unique Hydro Dip technique, along with some Legend Skates made Split Veneers.

The oversized top graphic features the logo and type style that Francesco Albertini made in the 80's for his version of T-Mag's Tragicomedy Masks

Some of the colorways are quite limited and the whole run will likely be 100, of course Numbered and Serialized. 

The specs are 33.5 X 9.5, with a 15.75 WB, 6.5 Nose and 7 Tail.

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