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T-Mag worked with Spanish tattoo artist Miguel Villaverde. to create an unusual and spectacular graphic worthy of the memory and impact of his best friend, Per Viking.

The Viking Iconography which is the top graphic on the Freja and Thor decks is now it's own deck graphic. These decks are printed here in California and are part of our Viking Series of products.

Tony Mag grew up with Per Viking in the mid and late 70’s. Here’s how he recalls that part of their shared history;

 “At the time, in 1977, it mostly felt like a curse. Per Viking was one of the most talented skateboarders I’ve ever seen. His nickname was “Lill Skriket från Vällingby. It roughly translates to the little screamer from Vällingby, the suburb north of Stockholm where he lived.

In many ways, he was a freak of nature; the loudest, most obnoxious and antagonizing person I’ve ever met. A standard skate session consisted of him harassing everyone there and making new tricks at a break neck speed and much faster than me. Or anyone else for that matter. The only trick I can remember that I made before Per was a Frontside Rock, after we’d both seen El Gato do it in the Skateboarder Magazine. By about 5 minutes and nowhere near as stylish as this one classic Cassimus photo of Per.

I could tell these stories for days. In the 90’s, I lost Per to a drug overdose and there’s nothing more tragic. What I once thought of as a curse was really one of the greatest blessings I’ve had in my life. Knowing Per and having to compete with him made me the person I’ve been my whole life.

There’s no way I would have stuck with skateboarding, learned how to compete under impossible odds and certainly not come to California. Per Viking was impossible odds defined!

Celebrating his life and times and influence on me is something I’ve thought about for years. I’m super stoked that Fian and Miguel helped me realize this dream who are drawing all the art.”