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When we first talked with Pat Duffy about doing a guest model for H-Street to commemorate his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame a few months ago, he thought re-creating an 80’s street scene with jump ramps and rails would be cool for a graphic idea.

We worked with Bob Hickman to create that graphic. At the same time, Tim Baron and T-Mag were talking about that extraordinary Back Lip that Mike Ternasky filmed in the rain and worked on creating a graphic around that.

Duffy destroyed that rail but the Back Lip was definitely a stand out of the all-out rail assault on that faithful day so long ago.

This was essentially the world’s introduction to the legendary skater, a guy that not only hit big rails with gnarly tricks, but he did it in the rain and in a way that didn’t appear to faze him.

We all stood in total jaw dropping awe when seeing the footage that was shot by MT at Olive High school in Nor Cal, where Pat is from. If you have not seen this, you need to! Right now!

Before Pat rode for Plan B, he was part of the H-Street Am team and rode with Jeff Pettit and Ray Simmonds. Mike Ternasky had “found” him back in the day and the two formed a close relationship. MT was a huge influence on the young ripper and Pat moving onto Plan B with MT was a given.

Since then, Pat’s had an incredible career as one of the gnarliest early big rail riders and just all around ripping on a skateboard and continues to skate hard to this day!

Words cannot describe on how stoked we are on this colab with Pat Duffy and we thank Plan B from the bottom of our hearts for agreeing to this colab and that Duffy simply deserves to be celebrated by both of us on this momentous occasion. The Skateboarding Hall of Fame is a great honor for this most deserving and legendary rider.

It’s made in Matt's Full Size Park&Pool Shape that is 32.5 X 8.9, with a 6.8 Nose, 6.6 Tail and 14.75 Wheelbase and standard street shapes.