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Ron Allen has traveled to just about every state in the Union on a skate, music or art mission and as such, a few years ago, he came across this cool cat in Ohio named Bob Hickman, who has a small skate company there called Puppet Skates. Bob’s been involved with skateboarding since he was 13 and the first H-Street board he had back in the day was Ron’s Shackle Me Not deck.

Life has a way of coming full circle and when Ron and Mag asked Bob to do a guest graphic of Ron’s classic Shackle Me Not deck, it became a high point in Bob’s art career. Bob’s also been involved in the hip-hop community and made some beats for Ron’s new album, so the artist colab just made a whole lot of sense.

Since then, T-Mag and Bob has made several graphics together, both as H-Street Guest Art decks and for Puppet Skates. Earlier in ‘21, Bob had done a painting of Ron’s Secret graphic, which the two collaborated on to turn into a board graphic.

We made this deck in several sizes of street shapes.