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Ron Allen has been skating for his whole life and to celebrate his 60th , we decided to tell the story of his first H-Street ad back in the 80’s and have Tim Baron illustrate the occasion with this totally awesome graphical depiction of the legendary skater in a moment that created history in skateboarding.

We worked with Ron to make sure we got the story correct and this is what he said about this remarkable time;

 “You’re at your first pro contest in Dayton Ohio. at the bar, the night before contest, you saw the band “UNGH” while Ricky Windsor was drinking out of ashtrays.

Then at the hotel the Dogtown boys just whipped a hotel guest. Rocco was doing wall rides in the hotel so all the walls were messed up. Seeing all my favorite pros made it even more crazy. During practice, I roll up to Natas Kaupas Mike Vallely and The Gonz!

Mark tells me that I’ve got a good frontside 180 Ollie and I should try it down the rail and I had no clue he even watched my skating. After hearing your favorite skater of all time say that; of course I had to try!

I popped a nice frontside 180 to the rail and started grinding backwards didn’t know how to come off so I think I bailed went back up when Gonz informs me that when you're going backward, your nose is your tail... So I go again make it!

Mike Ternasky runs over to me tells me to get a photo with Randy Janson for my H-Street ad. So I run back up to try again and miss fall all the way down the big four block to double swell bows and almost knocking  myself out but Randy was there screamed my name and I didn’t go out!

After the ad came out, everywhere I went they had a railing for me to 180. I felt like I picked the two craziest super powers like front 180 to rail and airwalk to handrail!

H-Street got my pro career started in 1987 in a diner in Las Vegas with Brian Lotti sitting next to me. This was my first ad and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. Truthfully the biggest Thank You to H-Street Skateboards “Only The Faithful“ -Ron Allen

 Colors on dyed wood are random. The metallic silver background is like shown. Shapes are standard street shapes.