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Darin “Cookiehead” Jenkins is a life long part of the H-Street family, dating back to the 80’s.  Cookiehead skated all the original spots with the “H Vert” dudes, like T-Mag, Danny Way, John Sonner and all the vert dudes of that day.  Cookiehead’s been ripping ever since and he and T-Mag got talking a few years ago about how he never had a Pro Model back then.  T-Mag thought it an error that needed a prompt correction and the two came up with a fun concept to pay homage to a classic deck design, all in Cookiehead fashion. 

That was then, this now and Cookie is back with another fun tribute deck to a classic design that is drawn by renowned skate artist Tim Baron.

It’s available two different designs/constructions;

Basic Street shapes in 8, 8.25, 8.5 and 8.75.

The Epoxy Everslick is a Modern-Retro Park&Pool shape, with Pop Wedge by Legend Skates, made right here in California. Pop Wedge is an innovative and totally unique design, which has an extra layer of dyed hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose, using a special vacuum technology molding process that creates a better, longer lasting pop.

The bottom is a unique Epoxy laminated Everslick material that is digitally printed into the plastic that improves all Board and Lipslides. The graphic stays on and last longer than traditional printing methods. The additional Epoxy lamination also creates a stiffer and more durable deck.

Colors of the dyed veneer are mixed, the graphic colors are not.

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