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This is a digitally printed photo T-Shirt, featuring Tony Mag’s Classic Backside Air, shot at the legendary Cedar Crest Country Club in the 80 by B. Adams.

It’s been said that this was the highest air ever done on a regular vet ramp in the 80’s, without the aid of tall roll-ins, towering over the decks. As T-Mag used to say back in the day, it isn’t necessarily going over 10 feet that is the tough part, it’s generating that kind of speed that launches one up that high.

Danny Way proved that out with his Mega Ramp concept, that a skater can go more than twice as high as T-Mag did that faithful day at Cedar Crest, if the speed is “free” and not an issue.

In either case, this photo was lost for years and recovered by T-Mag many years after it was done. It did run as an ad in Thrasher back in the day and we’ve made some shirts and boards with Francesco artist rendition of the classic photo.

The shirt is printed here in California with the highest quality inks, using the latest technology in digital T-Shirt printing, on the highest quality T-Shirt stock. We do recommend washing our photo shirts inside out and a mild cycle and don’t throw it in the dryer on hot.

Made in the USA

*Please note that tees are printed on demand, which means that depending on when you place your order, it can take 2-3 business days to fulfill.