Roll Call

Tony Mag

Battalion Commander

The H-Street team was always an eclectic group of riders and individuals, which was what made the team so great; the common denominator was a passion for skateboarding. Many of those riders went on to do great things in the skateboading industry and many are now considered Legends and still riding strong.

We have brought many of these legends back to H-Street as guest riders and have collaborated with them to re-issue or re-invent their boards and graphics. We have the utmost respect for all that they have done in their careers and here we hold a special place to honor that.


Monica Mag

Imperial Duchess

Monica’s love for skateboarding came from writing and before she even knew T-Mag. In 2004 while she was working on a film project that was about skateboarding, the stars aligned and her and T-Mag met and well the rest is history. A few years after they got married, it was at her gentle prodding that she got T-Mag to take H-Street and bring it back to life, much of H-Streets revival is because of her. While she doesn’t ride a skateboard, she certainly handles herself like she does. Her passion and drive for the brand and for the lifestyle that is H-Street is why she was given the title of Imperial Duchess.




Eddie "El Gato" Elguera

Eddie was a world champion skateboarder in the late 70′s and early 80′s, around the time when T-Mag first showed up in California. Eddie was one of the first skateboarders that brought technical skating to a level where it was possible to see what skateboarding was going to turn into eventually. T-Mag looked up to Eddie, as did many skaters, so when Eddie asked to be on the H-Street team years later, T-Mag immediately agreed and with H-Street, Eddie relaunched his skating career in the late 80′s and proved he was as relevant as ever.

Since then, Eddie developed a strong faith which took him in a different direction, he became a pastor of the Rock Church in Palm Springs, CA where he and his wife Dawna reside. They have helped thousands of people worldwide live better lives and build their faith. And Eddie would tell you, "God still had a plan" for his skate career. This skateboarding legend brings his skateboard to the pulpit and though his passion for Christ, a new skateboarding career was born.


Eddie has graciously worked with us to redesign and develop some of his classic graphics. We are very blessed to have him on board.



Dave “Raver” Andrecht, was one of the most prolific and extraordinary riders of the 70’s and early 80’s. Hailing from Bonita, in San Diego, Dave grew up skating in the legendary Spring Valley Park, where the first professional pool contest took place in 1978.

Andrecht placed in the top three of dozens of professional skate competitions and famously won the Dogbowl contest at Marina Del Rey Skate Park in 1979. Dave is known for inventing the Andrecht invert, a move done to this day by the best skaters in the world. The Raver retired from professional skating in 1981, went back to school and got married. During the dark years of the early 80’s, when skating was almost non-existent, Dave remained faithful to skateboarding. Dave continues to work in the skate industry and lives and skates in Southern California to this day with his wife and 2 kids.


Dave Crabb grew up in New Zealand and by the time he came to California to skate Del Mar, he’s pretty much already had travelled the world. Dave spent the 80’s as a professional skateboarder and living in Mission Beach with T-Mag. The Crabbman was an early pioneer of the “skate everything” mentality; he ripped vert and pools, was as fast as anyone on a slalom course and invented a good deal of the early streetskating, when slappy’s, wally’s and curb board slide ruled the street scene, along with jump ramps and the like.

Crabb moved back to New Zealand and has ripped it up on the down under scene ever since.


Dave Hackett

David is not only one of the most legendary Skaters of all time, not only the oldest Person in the world to do the loop of death, he’s also a super nice guy and bro’s with T-Mag. Though the Hack man didn’t ride For H-Street back in The day, he should have and and to honor such a legend in his own right, he and T-Mag collaborated on a project that would make Hackett part of the H-Street crew. T-Mag and Hackett when not working on various business projects are often found skating their local favorites and giving each other crap.


Art Godoy

You can’t really talk about Art Godoy without also talking about his twin brother Steve. Both have been a major force in skateboarding for decades. Both Art and Steve are world renowned tattoo artists and Punk Rockers, they also did some of the best and most iconic graphics H-Street ever had. Art currently lives and skates in Vancouver BC.







From the hills of North Carolina, skateboarder and graphic artist Fian Arroyo met T-Mag though mutual friends, quickly the two began to argue Mac vs. PC and a match made in designer heaven was made. Fian is one of the most skilled artists and passionate skaters around, his skills are a huge asset to H-Street. He and T-Mag regularly converse on the next greatest thing they will create or argue in jest as to who is right. Fian’s art is seen in Mike Owens Eagle graphic, and T-Mags Magzilla, there is much more on the horizon for this artist’s talent.


Tony Mag met Francesco in the 80's at Lance Mountains ramp, after a skate trip with Dave Crabb to Arizona. T-Mag invited Franscesco down to Mission Beach, where Francesco made the original logos for H-Street.

Francesco came to California from Rome, Italy and ended up returning there in the 90's and still rides a skateboard to this day. Fancesco has been an instramental part of Italian vert skating and works with T-Mag to this day.