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Addison Taylor is a founding member of the H-Street Alpha Girls crew. She’s an all around skater that thrives on all sorts of different terrain in her home state of Georgia. She’s been a crucial part of the Alpha Girls program and helped design the logos, the artwork and the overall vibe.

Her first board graphics were drawn by tattoo artist Miguel Villaverde, and he came through again with her all new Alpha Girl Samurai Warrior graphic. Addison and T-Mag designed the shape to work for all-around park, street and pool skating and in classic H-Street style; it features a directional shape that works really well for all Park&Pool skating.

It’s handmade in California by Legend Skates and features the totally unique design called Pop Wedge, which has an extra layer of hardrock Maple laminated into the tail and nose which creates a better, longer lasting pop.

Addison’s graphic are available in two sizes. retro-modern shaped anti-popsicle deck that is 8.5 X 32.8, made in California at Legend skates and in a standard Pop shape in 8.5 and 8.25.

The H-Street Alpha Girls program features several different boards, tee’s and other cool product that are designed and inspired by Addison. The boards are made with the highest quality available anywhere, just like any of the other decks we make.

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