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Addison Taylor is a founding member of the H-Street Alpha Girls crew. She’s an all around skater that thrives on all sorts of different terrain in her home state of Georgia. She’s been a crucial part of the Alpha Girls program and helped design the logos, the artwork and the overall vibe.

Her board graphics were drawn by tattoo artist Miguel Villaverde, with T-Mag doing the color work and production coordination.

This standard popsicle shape is made with a fibreglass top in two sizes, 8.5 with a 14.5 Wheelbase, and 8.25 with a 14.3 Wheelbase, Both are quite stiff and snappy, more so than a standard wood deck.

The H-Street Alpha Girls program features several different boards, tee’s and other cool product that are designed and inspired by Addison Taylor. The boards are made with the highest quality available anywhere, just like any of the other decks we make.