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Ale Mazzara was a young kid from Rome, Italy, that grew up skating with Francesco Jekill Albertini, the legendary original H-Street artist, who’s been involved in the Italian skate scene ever since the beginning of H-Street in the 80’s.  Ale and Francesco came to California in 2014 and T-Mag was so impressed by Ale’s skating and fun positive attitude about skateboarding that he was added to the team as the first and only Cadet on H-Street.  Shortly thereafter, Francesco suggested that H-Street make a special board for Ale and other kids that need a real and high performance deck and drew a graphics much in the original spirit of the 80’s H-Street art, the Kid Kong graphic.

Francesco has once again drawn a graphic for Ale and the two friends have come full circle. As skateboard art goes, Franceso is a deep thinker and there’s a reason for everything he draws. We don’t always get to know exactly what it is but to hear him talk about his art in his heavy Italian accent is always highly interesting, inspiring and quite surprising.

Ale is an Olympic aspiring Pro Skater and this is his second Pro Model we’re doing with him.

The deck comes in natural and dyed wood, in two different colored graphics, which is all mixed. If you prefer a specific color, please note that in the order notes and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

Ale's Lion deck is also available in a Pop Street shape in 8, 8.25 and 8.5. Also, check out the modern-retro shape version made by Legend Skates.