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This is a re-imagined graphic of legendary rider Danny Way’s first graphic on H-Street, the Rabbit In The Hat, from back in the 80’s and done by artist Tim Baron.

The original was a really short run of Danny’s first graphic, drawn by the Godoy’s. The story with this graphic is shrouded in some mystery; it’s so rare that one collector turned down an offer of six grand for a mint condition deck.

Neither Danny or T-Mag remembers why there was just one short run of these originally. Especially when you consider the quality of the Godoy art, which is spectacular and Danny Way was really the kid that pulled many rabbits out of his hat and it may be fair to say that he’s done that his whole life and career.

Since H-Street, Danny went on to become the best skateboarder in the world, set untold records, invented a new form of skateboarding with the Mega Ramp and founded several companies, including DC Shoes, XYZ Clothing and Plan B Skateboards.


 L 32.3 / W 9 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 15