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Dave Crabb and Tony Mag have been friends since the 80’s and when Dave turned 50 a few years ago, he threw a huge party in his homeland of New Zealand, where Mag and Monica went, along with some other skate dudes. We had made an H-Street re-issue board of his classic graphic from the early 80’s, when the two friends lived together in Mission Beach, California.

Now it’s been re-issued in both a standard 7-Ply construction, featuring Crabb’s classic design, which was originally drawn by H-Street OG artist Scott Obradovich, who also helped out with the updated graphic, since T-Mag was unable to locate any decent originals with. It’s a classic retro-modern shape that’s great for all around bowl and park skating.

These decks are now in stock and ready to ship.

32.25 X 8.75 / NOSE 7 / TAIL 6.6 / WHEELBASE 14.5