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This is the H-Street Bomber Belt, the production version of the limited edition handmade belt we’ve offered in very limited quantities for some time, reworked into a production product and with a new, much lower price.

It is designed by Tony Mag, who’s been working with leather craft for decades. The Bomber Belt uses a zinc alloy die cast, high quality custom designed heavy metal buckle. The leather is a top grade of belt leather; it’s thick, durable and with a sense of suppleness to it, so that’s comfortable to wear right away, although will soften a bit with some wear. The leather has a natural and subtle pebble grain.

The belt is available in three sizes; M, L and XL. Sizing on belts can be a bit tough; the best way to do it is to measure a belt that you have now, that fits well. Everyone wears belts differently, so going by waist size or pants size is tough.

Instead, measure the part of the buckle that goes into the hole, to the hole that you wear your belt on the most. If it’s a Heel bar or Heel Roller buckle, measure from the hole that you use mostly to the buckle prong. If it’s the more standard “Loop and Hook” buckle, which is what the H-Street buckle is, simply measure from the pin or hook that goes into the hole that you use most.

On the H-Street Bomber belt, that measurement is 31” for the medium, 36” on the large and 41” on the extra large, to the center hole. There are five holes, all one inch apart. If you’re good at math, you’ll see the that belt line should cover average wear of waist size 28 to 43. But measure your favorite belt and get the size that most closely matches.