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Lenny Rivas grew up skating in National City, just south of San Diego, in the 90’s era of super progressive street skating and had a lengthy career, riding for some of the top companies in Southern California.

During his younger years, he taught himself math and artistic lettering. After watching Chad Muska draw on his griptape, like many skaters have, he started his own style of griptape lettering for himself and his homies and it became Lenster Grip, a custom griptape company.

Lenny skated all over So Cal, mostly in LA and all his local spots and parks around National City, like Memorial Park and the Chula Vista park.

One of his previous graphic was a tribute to his native homeland Mexico, with has a rather cool flag. We took at a look at that rendition and thought we could do it way better, so here’s Lenny’s MX Flag graphic, 2.0 style. We’re really stoked to be working with Lenny and collaborate on art&design. Stand by for footage and photos in the near term.

Lenny’s MX Flag is available in four sizes.