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Bob Hickman is skateboarder, artist, musician and true renaissance man from Ohio and with a couple of buddies and started started Puppet Skateboards, based on Bob’s art and no nonsense approach. Bob made this graphic image of young Darth Maul. Here’s how Bob put it;

“Star Wars have always been one of my favorite movie stories and I especially like the Darth Maul character, which they killed off way too soon. He was cool. I always wondered if he was evil and dark from his creation or if something happened to him as a young person. Disney and George Lucas leave a lot of open questions for me to wonder about and I thought I’d tell my own Maul origin story with this graphic. I was surprised when T-Mag thought it was one of my best and stoked he helped me do the color and production work.”

This deck is also Justin Hutchens Pro Model, one of the local rippers from Indiana.