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Matt Hensley has always been creating music, going back to 1990 with his ska band Spy Kids. This is before Matt taught himself how to play the accordion and help form Flogging Molly, which has been world renowned for the last 20 years. Earlier in the year, the Spy Kids decided to get the band back together and record a new album, “Covert Action”, here in in Vista California at the Shed Studios with help from Nate King. We are super stoked to be able to offer a few vinyl records here at the H-Street online shop.

Here’s how the band describes their history and new album;

“In 1990 the Spy Kids were formed from like minded souls who thought listening wasn’t enough. We wanted to play the music; Jamaican Music. The Spy kids were inspired by classic acts, from Bad Manners to The Upsetters, and were influenced by local San Diego bands like The Donkey Show, Colorblind and Gangbusters. Eventually the band joined a southern California ska music coalition and got to play with many greats like Selecter, Skatalites, Let’s Go Bowling, The Imperials and Hepcat; to name a few.

A year and a half after we started the band, we broke up, but in that time we did manage to record one demo tape with four songs. The tunes were Cheeto, Carousel, Today’s News and Covert Action. After the band split up, various members went on to be in bands like Buck-O-Nine, Unwritten Law, Unsteady, Pivit, and Flogging Molly.

After a scooter ride in 2018, a discussion about re-recording our original songs sparked the process of getting the Spy Kids back together. In February 2020, thirty years later, we recorded this record.

We hope you enjoy it!

Spy Kids”