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Steve Ortega was part of the original H-Street Vista crew, along with Matt Hensley, John Sonner, Ned Haden, Mario Rubalcaba and many others who all have remained good friends since then and most still live in the same area today. Somewhat regular sessions still take place at the Oceanside Skatepark.

Ortega’s board comes in two street shapes and the Park&Pool shape that Matt Hensley and Ned Haden designed a few years ago, that is 32.5 x 8.9, with a 6.9 Nose and 6.6 Tail, with a 14.75 Wheelbase.

The graphics to the Ortega Chili was originally a pencil sketch handed to Steve by a kid in Texas during a demo in the 80’s that were perfected by an unknown artist and Steve’s Pro Model was supposed have been released back then but never was. So this is the “lost” Pro Model re-issue from back then.