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Darin “Cookiehead” Jenkins is a life long part of the H-Street family, dating back to the 80’s.  Cookiehead skated all the original spots with the “H Vert” dudes, like T-Mag, Danny Way, John Sonner and all the vert dudes of that day.  Cookiehead’s been ripping ever since and he and T-Mag got talking a few years ago about how he never had a Pro Model back then.  T-Mag thought it an error that needed a prompt correction and the two came up with a fun concept to pay homage to a classic deck design, all in Cookiehead fashion. 

That was then, this now and Cookie is back with another fun tribute deck to a classic design that is drawn by renowned skate artist Tim Baron.

Also check out the basic Street shaped decks and the Epoxy Everslick is a Modern-Retro Park&Pool shape, with Pop Wedge.