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Back in the 80’s, Mini’s were rather popular for a few years and most Pro’s had a smaller version of their Pro Model and Tony Mag was no different.

H-Street OG artist Francesco “Jekill” Albertini took some inspiration from Mag’s Battle Hogs graphic and made the “Love Piggies” as the Mini version.

This graphic is quite rare as the Mini trend did not last long but T-Mag loves the pigs, so a remake was always in line and we are stoked to re-introduce Francesco’s amazing artwork.

The deck is available on an updated Park&Pool shape that is 32.8 X 8.5, with a 15 Wheelbase and 6.8 Nose and 6.7 Tail.

They are made in Canada and printed in California. The A Series is a limited Edition of 100 and they are hand numbered. The ink colors are shipped as shown on a mix of a stained and natural Maple Veneers.

It’s also available in three standard Street Pop shapes at 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 There is also an actual mini street shape that is 7.25 X 29.6, with a shortened wheelbase at 12.5 Wheelbase. The Street shapes are not numbered or limited.