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The Tony Mag Hell Bat Pro Model was designed in the 80’s at a time when H-Street was growing like crazy and we ran into artists from everywhere. Sometimes we would just take a flyer on someone we thought was cool and talented.

Looking closely at the graphic, it says it was drawn by James in 1988. All we know of James, according to T-Mag, was that he was from Venice Beach CA and this was the only graphic he did for H-Street. T-Mag had a variety of Bat graphics and logos, so James thought he would draw his take on bats and it came at a time when 80’s crazy shapes were at their peak. All other details about the Venice artist is lost to history.

T-Mag is a forever fan of different shapes in skateboard decks, so the OG shape to the Hell Bat graphic is very 80’s. Mag re-drew the graphic from some original photos over a few months and updated the shape and dimensions a bit for more functionality in today’s Park&Pool environment.

For the updated 80’s shape, we had to call in the best; Legend Skates made the shaped decks, which comes in 3 color ways and they even made some split veneers that H-Street pioneered in the 80’s.

The Park&Pool shape is 33.5 X 9.5, with a 15.5 Wheelbase, 6.8 Nose and 7 Tail. It’s made on the H-Street Supreme Concave, T-Mag’s personal mold that features a concave dual radius Nose/Tail and a good amount of concave throughout the body.

The graphics are specially screened with a mix between metallic inks, fluorescent and standard silk screen inks. The different ink colors that come on a mix of natural and dyed veneers.